Gift from the land

Inspired by our Vietnamese roots, our food and drink menus play with nostalgic flavors. From light snacks to moonlit dinners, our chef’s exquisite culinary creations are made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients to offer a taste of place.
The rice fields surrounding Nham Village remind us that the inhabitants of the Red River Delta have always lived off the land. The rice that they have planted and harvested has been the foundation of family meals, from simple repasts to celebratory feasts. Our gastronomical offering is a celebration of the rich culinary heritage and traditions which have been forged over time around steaming bowls of rice.
Because of our close ties to the land, provenance is important to us. We know each grower, farmer and fisherman that supplies us with fine ingredients and we also grow fruit, vegetables and herbs in our garden. We want you to have the most authentic and enriching culinary experience.

Cơm Restaurant

Vietnamese cuisine has long been characterized by vibrant harmony. Our ancestors perfected the art of balancing flavors, aromas, colors and textures with “cơm” or steamed rice as the starting point. We recreate this equilibrium in all of the dishes we serve, whether it’s in local specialties or Western classics. As you savor each bite, we want you to feel nourished and transported.
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Allow your taste buds to be tantalized by authentic flavors. Feel your emotions come alive.

Gạo Bar

Gạo Bar offers the perfect atmosphere to grab a drink, relax, and unwind. Enjoy delectable beverages at our bar: we serve mocktails, wine, and everything in between. The creative menu blends premium spirits and locally sourced ingredients using artful mixology techniques, taking your taste buds on an unforgettable ride.
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