Our story
A village tale
For millennia, humans have made the fertile Red River Delta their home. At Nham Village, we want to share this powerful connection between people and place with our guests. 
Nham Village recreates the traditional local architecture which has always existed in harmony with the landscape: from century to century, hamlets and villages have stood amongst rice paddies, watched over by Tam Coc’s magnificent mountains and valleys. In fact, it is hard to imagine this idyllic scenery without clusters of homes — clearly recognizable by their tiled roofs — punctuating the landscape.
Nham Village is a part of this idyllic scene. From afar, you will spy our traditional tiled roofs signaling their warm welcome, beckoning you to enter through the village gate. Roofs like these have provided shelter to our families for generations, witnessing our ancestors grow up, marry and become old. Today, they remind us of where we have come from: at Nham Village, we are proud of our roots.  
Imagine a world where ancestral allure meets the finest features of modern hospitality
As you step inside Nham Village, you’ll discover a haven shaped by heritage. Wonder at all the features of an ancient village, including leafy alleyways leading to cozy courtyards, a pier flanking the rippling pond and a well that reminds us of past everyday rituals. Our ties to our Vietnamese origins are expressed in the smallest of details, including in our staff’s caring gestures, designed to provide you with an unforgettable guest experience.

Echoes of ancient times

Inspired by the lives of our grandparents, Nham Village brings the past into the present for you to enjoy the harmony, simplicity and purity of rural Vietnam.
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